How to create a user account with the ZIK app

How do I create a user account with ZIK app?    



To create a user account with ZIK 2.0 app, you must have a Facebook or Google+ account. The login screen is displayed automatically when you open the Parrot ZIK 2.0 app and after each log out.



To log in with your Facebook or Google account:

1. Log into your Facebook, Google or Google+ account on your smartphone.


2. Press or


To create a Parrot user account:

1. Press Sign up.

2. Enter an e-mail address then create a password.

3. Press Register.



How do I modify my user account?

1. Press

2. Select your e-mail address or username.

3. Press Edit.

> You can change your photo, username, password and description.

4. Press Save.

To log out, press then

Update : 15/10/2018