Using FPV goggles

The First Person View goggles allow you to:


  • Fly Parrot Bebop Drone with the Head Tracking function


  • Access FreeFlight Pro app


To navigate within FreeFlight Pro app using the FPV goggles:


  1. Turn the joystick then press on the button to click.  

  2. Next, click on to return to the main screen or on to return to the previous screen.


To access the Android operating system from FPV goggles:


  1. Go to the main screen of FreeFlight Pro app.


  2. Click on > A pop-up will ask whether you wish to quit the app.  

  3. Click on OK > You will now be able to navigate within the Android operating system. Click on FreeFlight icon to relaunch the app.

Update : 15/10/2018