How to establish a Bluetooth connection with a phone

To pair a phone with your Parrot Minikit Neo, activate Bluetooth on your smartphone.


Next, select "Parrot MINIKIT Neo".


Then enter "0000" on your phone when it asks you to do so.

> The red and green LEDs will flash.

> Parrot Minikit Neo will say "Pairing successful" when the two devices are connected.


If your phone has the NFC function, you can also pair by touching your phone on the clip of Parrot Minikit Neo.


Once your phone is paired with Parrot Minikit Neo, the 2 devices connect automatically. For this to happen:


  • The 2 devices must be turned on

  • Parrot MINIKIT Neo must be near your phone

  • Bluetooth on your phone must be activated


Please note: on some phones, you need to authorize the connection to Parrot Minikit Neo to enable the automatic connection feature.


You can pair up to 10 phones with Parrot Minikit Neo. If you try pairing another phone, the hands-free kit will say "memory full". You will then need to delete a phone from the memory, but doing so will also delete all the contacts from this phone.



Update : 15/10/2018