It is important to update your drone with each new version. Why? Because this prevents computer bugs and further improves the performance of your PARROT Mambo.  


You can update Parrot Mambo using the FreeFlight Mini app or via USB.




How to update my Parrot Mambo with the FreeFlight Mini app?


To update Parrot Mambo with the FreeFlight Mini app, you must have connected it to your smartphone at least once.


1. Switch on Parrot Mambo and place it on a flat surface with the propellers facing upwards.


2. Wait for the LED lights to start flashing green.


3. Enable the Bluetooth function of your smartphone and open FreeFlight Mini.

> The app connects automatically to Parrot Mambo. If it does not connect automatically, select your Parrot Mambo from the list of available drones.


4. On the home screen of the app, press Update.

FreeFlight-Mini_UpDate_02.png > The app downloads the updates.



> Once the update file has been downloaded, the application installs it on Parrot Mambo. This may take several minutes.



> The app asks you if you want to restart your drone.



5. Press OK.

> Parrot Mambo restarts.




How to update my Parrot Mambo via USB


*NB: Before connecting Parrot Mambo to your computer, make sure its battery is charged.


1. Using a micro-USB cable, connect Parrot Mambo to your computer.


2. Switch on your Parrot Mambo. The computer automatically detects the MiniDrone.


3.  Go to Parrot Mambo's support page and download the update file available in .plf format.


4. Copy the .plf file in the Parrot_Mambo drive on the computer as if it were a USB stick. The file should be placed at the root of Parrot_Mambo. Do not put the file in a folder. Do not rename the file.


5. Disconnect Parrot Mambo from your computer.

> Parrot Mambo is updating. The LEDs flash orange and Parrot Mambo restarts.


6. Wait for the LED lights to start flashing green.

> The installation of the update is complete.


To check the update, connect your smartphone to the MiniDrone and open the FreeFlight Mini app. Press Mambo_xxxxxx. The version number of Parrot Mambo is shown in the Software Version.

Mambo est indiqué dans Version Logiciel.

Update : 25/02/2019