Recovering the photos

Have you taken any photos with your Parrot Mambo? To recover your data, you have the following two options: on smartphone or computer. Follow our advice according to the tool chosen!



On your smartphone


1. Switch on your MiniDrone.


2. Connect your smartphone to your MiniDrone.

3. In the FreeFlight Mini app, press  pics.jpg . The photos stored in the MiniDrone's memory are displayed.


4. Select the photos you want to transfer and press TRANSFER. The photos are transferred to the internal memory of your smartphone.




To delete the photos of the MiniDrone's internal memory, select your photos and press DELETE.


On your computer


1. Insert the battery into the MiniDrone.


2. Use the micro-USB cable to connect your MiniDrone to your computer. The computer detects the MiniDrone as if it were a USB stick.


3. Search for Parrot_Mini on your computer.


4. Go to Parrot Mambo > Media to open the photos taken by Parrot Mambo.


3. Copy the photos onto your computer.

Update : 25/02/2019