Connecting a smartphone to MiniDrone

As MiniDrone supports Bluetooth Low Energy, you will not see it appear in the standard list of nearby Bluetooth devices displayed on your smartphone.


You can only see your drone and connect to it via the FreeFlight Mini app.


  1. Activate your smartphone’s Bluetooth.


  2. Launch the FreeFlight Mini app


  3. Press to display the MiniDrones within the range of your smartphone.

> You’ll see that your smartphone and your MiniDrone will automatically connect. A “Sending status” message will pop up, followed by a “Connected” message.

> The icon indicates that MiniDrone is currently connected.

> The icon indicates the Bluetooth connection status between your smartphone and MiniDrone. The number of bars displayed indicates the quality of the connection.


If your smartphone does not connect automatically to MiniDrone, select the name of your MiniDrone in the list.

Update : 15/10/2018