Assembling Hydrofoil

Before using your Parrot Hydrofoil, you need to assemble it. To do this, you’ll need a T10 screwdriver - be careful not to force the screws when tightening.



  1. First of all, take the elastic band off the shell.


  2. Then, screw the arms onto the shell using two screws (diagram A)


  3. Insert the MiniDrone support into the slot in the central axis (diagram B)


  4. Screw the central axis onto the shell using four screws (diagram C)


  5. Then, insert the two lateral floats at each end of the arm.


  6. Insert and screw the two lateral stabilizers into the floats with two screws (diagram D).


  7. Insert and screw the rear stabilizer into the slot at the back of the shell, using one screw (diagram E).


In order to avoid any risk of deforming Parrot Hydrofoil, we advise that you keep it in its original support.

Update : 15/10/2018