Recovering photos and videos

Have you captured images with your Parrot Disco that you want to recover?  It's very simple! Follow our step-by-step advice to recover the data from your Parrot Disco.


How to recover your photos and videos on a computer?


To start, always use the micro USB port to the left of the Parrot C.H.U.C.K. module 1. Connect Parrot Disco to your computer with the USB/micro USB (provided). 60


Switch on Parrot Disco. > Your computer will automatically detect Parrot Disco.


Open the folder as if it were a USB flash drive.


Copy the photo and video recordings onto your computer


How to recover your photos and videos on a smartphone?


Recovering photos and videos using the FreeFlight Pro app is very simple:


1. Turn on your Parrot Disco and connect it via Wi-Fi to your smartphone.

2. On your smartphone, launch the FreeFlight Pro app and go to Menu > Internal Memory. > The list of photos and videos stored in the internal memory of Parrot Disco appears.

3. Select one or multiple photos and/or videos.

4. Press Transfer to retrieve the photos and/or videos.

Update : 15/10/2018