Learning to fly

Check out all our advice on learning to fly your PARROT DISCO with ease!


To start, always position Parrot Disco so that it is facing away from you and lying flat on a horizontal surface to ensure a straight take-off. What's more, choose a take-off area with plenty of clearance to avoid collisions.


First flight: the Flat & Trim function


This function ensures that the take-off surface is flat. It is therefore an excellent tool for a successful initial take-off!


1. Place Parrot Disco on a flat surface.

2. Press the On/Off switch to turn on Parrot Disco.

3. On your smartphone, connect to Parrot Disco's Wi-Fi®:


4. In the FreeFlight Pro app, go to Fly & Film >   >

Position and press Flat trim.


How to get my Parrot Disco to take off


Getting your drone to take off is a breeze, just make sure you always take off into the wind.


1. Stand facing upwind while holding the body of Parrot Disco with one hand.

2. Make sure Parrot Disco's motor is completely clear.

3. Press the button of your Parrot Skycontroller > The motor of Parrot Disco turns slowly for 3 seconds and then accelerates. > A "Ready to take off" pop-up window is displayed on your smartphone. You can take off

4. Throw Parrot Disco upward.


> Parrot Disco takes off. It climbs to 50 meters in altitude and then makes 60-meter diameter circles. Now you can fly it.


NB: To stop Parrot Disco's motor, press the button on your Parrot Skycontroller 2 again. If you do not throw Parrot Disco within 10 seconds of pressing        , the motor shuts down. Press again to start a new take-off procedure.


How to fly my Parrot Disco


The Autopilot mode is for flying your Parrot Disco safely. In this case, during your flight, the drone maintains its speed and maintains its altitude.



How to get Parrot Disco to return to its starting point


To get Parrot Disco to return to its starting point, press the button on Parrot Skycontroller > Parrot Disco returns toward its starting position and makes 60m-diameter circles above this position.


How to get my Parrot Disco to land


First, to avoid damaging Parrot Disco, land on a suitable surface, such as grass, for example.


For a linear landing:

1. Position Parrot Disco so that it is facing upwind.

2. Press the button of Parrot Skycontroller > Parrot Disco descends in a straight line and then levels out and lands softly.


NB: During Parrot Disco's descent, you can take over the controls: go up, go down, turn left and turn right. 80 m 50 m 10 m


To abort the landing, press the button on your Parrot Skycontroller. Parrot Disco goes up to 50 meters in altitude and makes 60-meter diameter circles.


For a circular landing:


During circular landings, Parrot Disco automatically lands facing upwind in order to minimize its landing speed.

1. Make sure that Parrot Disco's landing area is at least 80 meters in diameter.

2. In the FreeFlight Pro app, press . > Parrot Disco lands in a spiral flight pattern.


Make sure that you have enough space to perform this maneuver.

Update : 15/10/2018