Optimize your crops

Optimize your crops using Parrot Disco-Pro AG!




  • Luke Skerman is a farmer who wanted to optimize the use of fertilizers on his crops


  • Following a drought, Luke needed an effective and inexpensive solution to save his crops.


  • Parrot Disco-Pro AG is a safe and economical solution that allowed Luke to test different fertilizers on his crops and analyze their effectiveness.



Luke Skerman is an Australian farmer who grows chickpeas. There was a drought recently and Luke needed to find a fertilizer or a mixture of fertilizers that could help him revive his crops. His fields are big, covering between 125 and 250 acres, which is why he needed a quick and efficient way to analyze the impact of fertilizers on his land.


Most of the solutions had limitations, e.g. satellite images that are not of a very high standard and whose data takes too much time to analyze.


In June 2017, Luke planted his chickpeas; his fields needed a lot of fertilizer because of the drought. As a result, he opted for a drone solution, i.e. Parrot Disco-Pro AG, to compare the effectiveness of the different types of fertilizer used in the different areas. In all, he used 3 fertilizers, on a variety of two chickpeas.


Use a programmed autonomous flight to make an accurate analysis


Luke conducted a programmed flight in late September. The size of the field he wanted to analyze was 190 acres. The drone flew for about 30 minutes at an altitude of 110 meters. Using the Pix4DCapture app, Luke planned the flight map on the land he wanted to analyze.


Parrot Sequoia+, consisting of a radiometric sensor and a sun sensor, captures the light reflected off the plants and the daylight. This is used to analyze the health of fields.



Analyze land easily       


The map generated by Pix4Dag is used to quickly and efficiently analyze the different fertilizers used on the chickpeas, thanks to the specific color code system.            


Improve the productivity of your land by using a drone


This professional Parrot solution is a simple and effective way to obtain reliable data. Luke feels that the Pix4Dag software is very useful and represents a great asset for farming his land.


Parrot Disco-Pro AG allows you to work on large plots of land and obtain images with an excellent resolution. This makes it possible to increase your production and save money.

Update : 25/02/2019