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How to use the FPV mode with PARROT DISCO FPV


How to use Parrot Skycontroller 2 with PARROT DISCO FPV


How to update Parrot DISCO FPV


How to fly my PARROT DISCO FPV


How to repair my PARROT DISCO FPV


How to recover photos and videos from PARROT DISCO FPV


How to create a flight plan with PARROT DISCO FPV


How to fit the wings of PARROT DISCO FPV


How to maintain your PARROT DISCO FPV


How to update Parrot Skycontroller 2




How to find the serial number of my PARROT DISCO

Log in to the FreeFlight Pro app to find out the serial number of your PARROT DISCO. The latter is indicated on the main screen of the interface, at the top left. Other information is available, such as the GPS version or the software version.


How to get PARROT DISCO to return to its starting point

Push the common_icn_return_home.png button of Parrot Skycontroller 2 to get your drone to return to its starting point. You can also press the RETURN HOME button in the FreeFlight Pro app.


How to activate the geo-fence

To activate the geo-fence, start FreeFlight Pro and press FLY & FILM > Settings >Position.


What happens when my drone reaches the boundary of the geo-fence?

The Geo-fence is an invisible boundary that restricts the range of the drone.

When Parrot Disco reaches the boundary set by the Geo-fence, the "Return To Home" feature is engaged to get the drone to wait on its RTH point, i.e. circular/loiter flight pattern.

At any time it is possible to regain control of the drone and thus continue the flight within the boundaries of the geo-fence.


When the drone reaches the altitude limit defined by the Geo-fence:

  • it will not go any higher than the set ceiling altitude

  • it will not descend below the floor altitude.

In this case, the Return to Home does not engage.


What are the indications given by Parrot DISCO FPV's lights?

When the light is flashing red, it means that Parrot Disco FPV is starting or has detected an error. In the second case, restart your drone when flat, stationary and sheltered from the wind.

When the light flashes green, PARROT DISCO FPV has detected the GPS signal and is ready to take off.

When the indicator flashes yellow, the PARROT DISCO FPV update is in progress. Do not switch off your drone.


How to reset Parrot Disco

To reset Parrot Disco, make two short presses and then a long press (about 10 seconds) on the on/off button of your Parrot Disco.

> The light of the on/off button flashes orange and red and Parrot Disco switches off.

To complete the reset process, switch on Parrot Disco.

Update : 26/02/2019