Checks before takeoff


For Parrot Bluegrass


  • Make sure Parrot Bluegrass has detected the GPS signal in FreeFlight Pro or Pix4Dcapture.


  • Check that the propellers of Parrot Bluegrass have been correctly fitted and secured.


  • Check that the battery on drone is fully charged.


  • Make sure that there is plenty of clearance for take-off and landing.


  • Check that the selected geo-fencing distance is sufficient for your flight.



For Parrot Sequoia+


  • Make sure Parrot Sequoia+'s lenses are clean. Use the microfiber cloth to clean them.


  • Free up enough memory on the SD card or internal memory of the multi-spectral sensor to recover all the pictures taken during the flight.


  • Make sure that the two sensors are calibrated. For more information, find out how to calibrate your Parrot Sequoia+ on the support page

Update : 26/02/2019