1.    Do I have the right to fly a drone?

The regulations vary from country to country. Before flying your drone, please consult the regulations in your country.


2.    Do you need an internet connection to start a flight?


3.    Can you share our data in 3D?

Yes, the results can be shared as readable files on your Pix4D Cloud account in the SHARE menu. A link that is copied and pasted into an email will provide readable access to the web page with the measurements and annotations.

In addition, an HTML code that can be copied and pasted is provided so that site developers can integrate a 3D model on a website.


4.    How do you process your data with Pix4D Cloud?


5.    What version of Pix4Dmodel is used in the Cloud?

The latest version of Pix4Dmodel is used in the cloud and can also be downloaded for installation on a computer here: https://cloud.pix4d.com/download/


6.    Can you download a project which has been processed in the Cloud?

Yes, images such as 3D files can be downloaded from your Pix4D online account in the DOWNLOAD menu.


7.    Why is the rendering of my 3D model distorted?


8.    How do you perform multiple flights for a single 3D map?


9.    Is my data protected in my Pix4D Cloud account?

Yes, all your data is protected. For more information, the terms and conditions of the cloud may be consulted on the Pix4D website: https://pix4d.com


10.    What is the difference between Pix4Dmodel for computer and Pix4Dmodel Cloud?

Pix4Dmodel for computer gives you full control of your project: you can add precise positioning points, edit positioning points and modify them, as well as access a multitude of other settings that will improve the final result.

Pix4D Cloud is also capable of producing high-quality results but the processing method uses the default settings. Pix4D Cloud is therefore the simplest solution for taking measurements, annotating them and sharing your project online.


11.   What if my images are underexposed or overexposed?    

12.  How do you work out determine the landing zone of my drone?

Update : 26/02/2019