Creating a flight plan

How to create a flight plan on Pix4D Capture


To create a flight plan on Pix4D Capture, it's very simple!


Your drone has the following flight options:


Grid > The drone crisscrosses the set area in a grid pattern as displayed on the screen. This type of flight is used to create a 3D reconstruction of a plot of land, for example.


Double Grid > the drone also crisscrosses the set area but the flight path is completed twice. This is for creating an even more detailed 3D reconstruction.


Circular > the drone circles the area defined using the display. This mode is very frequently used to create a 3D reconstruction of a building, for example.


Polygon: The drone crisscrosses the area drawn on the display in a grid pattern according to the displayed route. This flight plan is used to make a 3D reconstruction of a plot of land with a complicated shape, for example.


FreeFlight: the drone is flown manually and the camera angle is automated. It is an ideal flight plan for a 3D reconstruction of a vertical surface, for example.



After choosing your mission, display the map by pressing the local button


  1. Then zoom out and scroll the map to get to the area you want to reach. Then, display the default flight plan in this location by pressing the RESET button.


  2. Place this flight plan over the property you want to map by dragging it with your finger. Rotate or adjust its size by dragging the corners. Adjust the flight area if necessary


  3. Adjust the flight altitude:

- For GRID and POLYGON (iOS): the recommended flight altitude is 20 to 50m max

- For CIRCULAR and DOUBLE GRID (iOS): the recommended flight altitude is 5m to 10m above the buildings (or trees)



1. Map / 2. Camera view / 3. Settings / 4. Wi-Fi / 5. Height / 6. Change flight area / 7. Change orientation / 8. Move flight area / 9. Reset zone / 10. Save flight plan / 11. Center on your position / 12. Center on the area / 13. Map / satellite view / 14. Start a flight plan




4. Press START when your flight is properly configured.


5. After pressing START, the connection is verified and the take-off settings are checked.   


6.  If the checks are approved, the drone starts the mission and automatically flies from the point selected on the map (represented by the flag).


7. During the flight, you can view the flight in real-time from the drone by pressing the CAMERA icon. To return to the map view, press the MAP icon.


8. At the end of the flight, the drone returns to the starting point and lands automatically. If necessary, you can take control of the drone to land at a different location


9.  The photos are stored in the drone's memory and automatically downloaded to Pix4D Capture.

Important: Do not switch off the drone or exit the application while transferring data.


10. When the flight is over, download the pictures to Pix4Dcloud:                                                        

  • Using: the Pix4D Capture mobile app by clicking the icon (recommended).                                                        

  • Or by downloading a new dataset on the Pix4D Cloud from the images stored on Bebop Pro 3D Modeling's internal memory.


11.  An initial e-mail informs you that the project has been received and also indicates the approximate duration of the 3D modeling. Then, a second e-mail informs you that the 3D model is ready and can be opened from your account.

Update : 26/02/2019