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How to use the FPV mode with BEBOP 2


How to use Parrot Skycontroller 2 with BEBOP 2


How to update BEBOP 2


How to fly my BEBOP 2


How to fly my BEBOP 2


How to recover photos and videos from BEBOP 2


How to create a flight plan with BEBOP 2


How to fit the propellers of BEBOP 2


How to switch to automatic tracking with BEBOP 2


How to maintain your BEBOP 2


How to update Parrot Skycontroller 2


How to switch to automatic framing mode with Follow me




How to reset BEBOP 2

To reset your drone, switch it on and wait for the light to stop flashing. Then, hold the ON/OFF button down for 10 seconds. After doing this, the BEBOP 2's light will flash and the drone will restart. Do not worry if this step takes several minutes. Once BEBOP 2 has restarted, the reset procedure is complete.


How to change the network name of my BEBOP 2

To change the name of the network, change the name of your Parrot Bebop 2 in the Network Name field and restart your drone.

How to find the serial number of my PARROT BEBOP 2

To find the serial number of your PARROT BEBOP 2, simply log in to the Freeflight Pro app interface. Your serial number will appear on the main screen. Press the name of the last connected drone to access the available information such as product type, hardware version, software version or even GPS version.


How to share a flight with Parrot Cloud

You can send your flights by email to share them on the social networks. To do this, you must be registered on Parrot Cloud or Parrot Academy and have an internet connection. There are two buttons for sharing: Send the flight by email and Share, which is used for sharing your flight on the social networks.


How accurate is the GPS position during the flight

GPS accuracy depends on the number of satellite connections you have. Depending on these satellites, the GPS position of your Parrot Bebop 2 can be accurate to a distance of 3 meters.

When creating a flight plan, it is important to take these factors into account.

It is recommended to start using Flight Plan in an open area to become familiar with the application's settings and the limitations of the GPS.


What happens if the drone loses the GPS signal during a Flight Plan

Parrot Bebop 2 hovers in a stationary position and tries to recover a GPS signal. Pilot intervention is required to complete the flight plan. If the GPS signal cannot be recovered, Parrot Bebop 2 will stay in the same place. When the battery level is too low, the Parrot Bebop 2 will land.


Once lost, how long does it take to find the GPS signal again

This can vary greatly depending on the surroundings. However, under ideal conditions, the signal can be recovered in a few seconds. Without a GPS signal, the return to home (RTH) function is unavailable.


Do I need to stay connected to the Wi-Fi of the drone to perform a flight plan?

No, although you must be connected by Wi-Fi to the drone to monitor the video. It is advisable to have the option to take over the controls of the drone in the event of unforeseen circumstances. It is therefore advisable to stay within range of the drone while a flight plan is being executed.


What happens if I shut down FreeFlight Pro during a flight plan?

The drone completes the flight plan that is currently in progress. NB: in this case, you will not be able to regain control of the drone in the event of unforeseen circumstances.


What is the maximum flight time allowed for a Flight Plan?

Flight plans can be created for an unlimited duration. However, the flight time may be limited by the battery charge of Parrot Bebop 2. When the battery level is too low, Parrot Bebop 2 will land. Warning: if Parrot Bebop 2 is in an inaccessible area (e.g. over a lake), the battery must be fully charged when executing your flight plan.

Should the GPS signal be lost, the drone will hover in a stationary position. Once the GPS signal is recovered, the flight plan can only be resumed by the pilot's actions.


Can I see the actual position of the drone while executing the flight plan?

You can view the execution of your flight plan in real time according to the data sent by your drone to your smartphone. On your screen, the icon representing the drone stops moving if there is a loss of connection.


Does Flight Plan take my surroundings into account?

No, Flight Plan does not place any restrictions on your waypoints or actions. The pilot is therefore solely responsible for creating a safe Flight Plan that is free of obstacles, structures and people.


What happens if I press "Play" on Flight Plan?

Assuming the GPS icon is green, Parrot Bebop 2 will take off and go to the first waypoint. It will then start its flight plan. Warning: Make sure your flight plan is in an open area when setting your waypoints.


Are the settings of the FreeFlight Pro app taken into account during a flight plan?

No, your settings are ignored until the flight plan is finished, paused or stopped.


What happens if a flight plan is paused or stopped?

All current recordings will be stopped and will only resume if the flight plan is started again from the beginning. Warning: if you restart a flight plan from the beginning, Parrot Bebop 2 will move from its current location to the first waypoint without taking into account any obstacles.


Is an internet connection required to create or perform a Flight Plan?

No, although an internet connection is necessary to pre-load the card, you can then create your Flight Plan and execute it without being connected to the internet.


Can I take control of Parrot Bebop 2 manually during a flight plan?

Yes, as long as you are within Wi-Fi range, i.e. connected to your Parrot Bebop 2. Enter the FreeFlight Pro view by pressing the live video preview at the top left and take control of Parrot Bebop 2 as you would during normal flight. This will pause the current flight plan.


Can I transfer flight plans created on Android to iOS and vice versa?

No, unfortunately flight plans created on FlightPlan can not be transferred from one platform to another.


Is the FlightPlan feature compatible with smartphones or tablets that use Windows?

To date, FlightPlan is not compatible with smartphones or tablets that use Windows.


How to make my videos less blurry

By decreasing the speed of your drone and decreasing the tilt angle, you can make your videos less blurred. Also check the angle of rotation of the drone: the slower the drone is moving, the higher the quality of the video.


Why is my video "shaky”?

A shaky video can be caused by different factors.

If it is a software problem:

  1. In the FreeFlight Pro app, go to FLY & FILM > Settings.

  2. Reset the flight, picture and recording settings.

  3. If necessary, update your Parrot Bebop 2.


If it is a mechanical problem:

  1. Switch off your drone and remove the battery.

  2. Make sure that the propellers and motors are in good condition and that there are no signs of a collision.

  3. Spin each propeller by hand to make sure the motor shaft is straight. The propellers should not wobble when they spin.


What should I do if gray lines appear on my smartphone when monitoring video?

If gray lines appear on your smartphone, check the Wi-Fi connection on your smartphone or tablet, go to Recording Settings and set the Anti-flicker mode to Auto.


What should I do if Parrot Bebop 2 Wi-Fi does not appear on my smartphone?

Parrot Bebop 2 takes a few seconds to get started and establish a connection. Wait for the light to stop flashing, and then check the connection again. Sometimes FreeFlight Pro connects to your drone before the drone connects to your smartphone. Wait a few seconds and check the connection again.



What should I do if my Parrot Bebop 2 flips over on take-off?

Make sure the propellers are properly fitted. Press Flat Trim before each take-off.

What should I do if my Parrot Bebop 2 drifts to the side during take-off?

Make sure that the take-off area is not featureless (e.g. a completely white floor).


What if my Parrot Bebop 2 rises without stopping?

This may be a problem with the ultrasonic sensor or barometer.

  • If the drone hovers at less than 2 meters in altitude: the ultrasonic sensor is not measuring the height accurately. In this case, go to the settings and reset the following: MAX ALTITUDE and VERTICAL SPEED.

  • If the drone hovers at more than 2 meters in altitude: the barometer is not measuring altitude changes correctly. In this case, go to the settings and reset the following: MAX ALTITUDE and VERTICAL SPEED.


What should I do if my Parrot Bebop 2 drops frequently?

Check the battery level. Make sure the battery is fully charged before each flight. Then, check the propellers and make sure they are properly fitted.

Update : 26/02/2019