The LiPo battery of your BEBOP 2 FPV is a complex and fragile element. This essential element allows you to fly your drone for up to 30 minutes without connected accessories. For maintenance purposes, here are the PARROT.COM team's advice and tips to help you maximize its lifespan.


What type of battery is fitted to BEBOP 2 FPV?

BEBOP 2 FPV is equipped with a Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery. The latter needs to be handled and stored with care if you want to maximize its lifetime.

How to charge the battery with the charger

Simply connecting the battery to the charger is not enough to ensure optimal charging. First, only use BEBOP 2 FPV's official charger. Indeed, it has features that ensure the health of your battery. Furthermore, do not leave a charged battery unattended or near flammable materials.

How to charge a new battery

A new battery, just out of the box, is charged to approximately 40%. So, for the first few times you charge the battery, it is better not to completely discharge it. As with any high-performance equipment, it is important to keep your battery in peak condition to optimize its capacities.

How to charge a discharged battery

First, wait a few minutes after using a discharged battery before charging it again. In any case, if your battery is still warm, this is the sign that it must "rest" before recharging.

How long does it take to charge your battery?

To fully charge your battery, allow about 50 minutes. Do not forget: the more a battery will be charged, the fewer round trips you will have to do to recharge it after each flight.


How to store the BEBOP 2 FPV battery

If you are not using your battery, it must be stored correctly. Ideally, it should be stored with a charge of between 20 and 50%, in an environment between 40°F and 75°F that is ventilated and dry.


Where to store your BEBOP 2 FPV battery

To store the battery, use a flame retardant bag, such as a LiPo safe bag, or get a cork-lined iron box for optimal storage.


What is the lifetime of a LiPo battery?

A LiPo battery has a lifetime of about 300 charge cycles, but it all depends on how you maintain your battery.


What are the factors that can damage the battery?

Several factors can significantly reduce the life of a battery.

  1. Never leave a charged battery on a charger.

  2. Never fully discharge the batteries before recharging them.

  3. Never expose LiPo batteries to extreme temperatures.


How to increase the lifetime of a battery

To preserve your battery as much as possible, be sure to follow the advice below:

  • Store a battery with a charge of at least 20%

  • Charge your battery fully when using it for the first time

  • Do not charge a battery that is still warm

  • Recharge the battery after each use

  • Always carry your battery in a bag with fire protection

  • Always respect the charging time indicated in the instructions

  • Never use a swollen or damaged battery

Update : 26/02/2019