Recovering and analyzing the data

Indeed, the very purpose of Parrot Bebop-Pro Thermal is to recover the data so that it can be analyzed! In this section, we explain each step of how to do this.


How to access thermal data directly from the smartphone gallery?


This procedure is very simple: just launch the FreeFlight Thermal application and follow these steps:


1 - First, access the memory of your drone


2 - Then select the media you want to transfer (images or videos) by clicking on TRANSFER button.


3 - Access the transferred videos directly in the gallery


4 - Then, press PLAY to watch the thermal videos


5 - To access the thermal data at a specific point in the video, pause the video. Then, press PLAY to restart the video. You can select your preferred thermal palette from the three available palettes.


How to convert videos to MP4 format


If you need to, you can convert the thermal videos to MP4 format. Just click EXPORT. This allows you to view the videos from any player.


How to access the thermal data directly from my flights


It is quite possible to access your data from your previous flights. To do this, start by opening the FreeFlight Thermal application and then go to the memory of the drone.


If you want to transfer data, just click the TRANSFER button.


To access the videos, go to the MY FLIGHTS category and select the thermal videos that interest you.

To watch a video, press the PLAY button!

Update : 16/10/2018