Exporting thermal videos

All the videos are saved in the internal memory (32GB) of Parrot Bebop-Pro Thermal. To get the thermal vision videos in mp4 format, you need to export them from the FreeFlight Thermal app.


In this section, we go through the entire procedure for easily exporting thermal videos from your Parrot Bebop-Pro Thermal.


  1. First, open the internal memory of Parrot Bebop-PRO Thermal using the application


  1. The videos must be uploaded to your tablet. This is done by selecting the videos you need and transferring them to your device by clicking the TRANSFER button.


  1. To export thermal videos, go to the MY FLIGHTS section

To open the videos available on your tablet


  1. Select the required video


  1. Press the Play button to start playing the video


  1. Then click the EXPORT button. 3 thermal palettes are available to you




  1. The exported videos are then available on your Tablet in the internal storage application according to the brand of your device at the following address: "My files" or "My documents", etc.

Open the internal storage data of your device: Internal storage/DCIM/ Bebop 2/Thermal export

Update : 16/10/2018