Downloading the apps

If you are the proud owner of Parrot Bebop-Pro Thermal, then you will need the FreeFlight Thermal app to fly your drone with ease!


Fly and set up your Parrot Bebop-Pro Thermal using your tablet – it takes no time at all...


Flawless photographs and films


Inspecting, filming and taking photos using visible light and thermal imaging is a breeze with FreeFlight Thermal. Indeed, this application allows you to receive the visible light and thermal images taken by your drone. Then, you can save, share and even analyze them! The drone transmits pictures using visible light and thermal imaging in real-time to the mobile app.


FreeFlight Thermal also includes advanced video and photo settings with the front 1080p camera of the drone. The photo mode has professional formats like RAW/DNG for very high quality shots. You can record videos in 30Mb/s, customize the white balance, exposure and refresh rate. The video stream of the drone is synchronized in real-time on your smartphone in high definition 720p.


Simplified management


Switch from visible light imaging to thermal imaging by pressing a single button on the FreeFlight Thermal mobile app. The mobile app has new ergonomics that adapt to your drone and your level of ability. Whether you are a beginner or experienced pilot, the touchscreen controls make it possible for anyone to fly with more precise controls thanks to Parrot Skycontroller 2.


Colors that provide useful information


To help you identify problems that are invisible to the naked eye, three color palettes are available!

Standard: absolute temperature between 10°C and 160°C

Dynamic: automatically adjusts to the minimum and maximum temperature of the scene being analyzed

Hotspot: highlights the highest temperatures of the scene so that you can quickly identify hot spots.


Analyzing the data in depth


The FreeFlight Thermal app allows you to save thermal images and replay them after completing your flights with a different color palette. As a result, the mobile app facilitates the identification of the elements under investigation that were not so easy to identify during the flight. The thermal video can then be exported with the selected color palette in a standard video format so that you can view it on your computer and share it easily.

Update : 14/01/2020