Quick troubleshooting


As you know, FreeFlight 6 has been updated a few times already, and it will be updated on a regular basis in the future. Similarly, ANAFI, the Parrot Skycontroller 3 and even the smart battery are subjected to firmware updates.


The purpose of this article is to provide you with basic troubleshooting tips, so that you can keep your whole equipment in flying order, at all times.


Checking your parameters after each update


Some users find their ANAFI react differently after an update. Indeed, the installation of a new software or firmware resets the parameters of FreeFlight 6 to default values. Therefore, after each update, Parrot recommends you browse all your parameters and set them back to your liking.


Resetting ANAFI


Have you modified your ANAFI’s Wi-Fi password and forgotten it? This is one example where resetting ANAFI can be helpful to you: it will not bring back the drone to a factory state, but will restore the latest update – so you will have to check your parameters again. Here is the ANAFI reset procedure.


1.       Power ANAFI on.


2.       Press the power button and keep it pressed: after approximately 8 seconds, the smart battery’s LEDs turn red, one after the other.


3.       When the four LEDs are red, release the power button.


4.       ANAFI reboots: a TXT file has been generated on the root of the drone’s microSD card; it contains ANAFI’s Wi-Fi network’s original password and that is how you can check the reset procedure has been successful.


Resetting your smart battery


Remember that your ANAFI’s smart battery enters wintering mode when you do not use it for 10 days in a row. When in wintering mode, pressing the power button does not turn the LEDs on. To exit the wintering mode, you need to initiate a charge, if only for a few seconds, until at least one LED starts blinking – even if Parrot recommends you always run a full charge before using a battery for a flight.


Additionally, if your smart battery’s behavior is not consistent with that described in the user guide, you can always reset your smart battery with the following quick procedure, which should be carried out on the battery alone, away from the drone.


1.       Press the smart battery’s power button and keep it pressed for 15 seconds, regardless of the LEDs behavior.


2.       Release the battery’s power button.


3.       The battery’s LEDs run green and red, then display the battery’s charge level for a few seconds.


4.       The battery’s hard reset is complete.






Zoom issues


Unless ANAFI has incurred a crash, which has damaged its gimbal, its camera, or both, and which implies repair, most zoom issues users encounter are related to the “Lossless zoom only” option: first, remember that in the Photo mode, ANAFI’s zoom is only available for the “JPEG RECT” format; second, remember that zooming on a “JPEG RECT” image downgrades the quality of the final photo. Therefore, if the “Lossless zoom only” option is activated, the zoom is effectively disabled even for the “JPEG RECT” photo format.


Following this logic, for any zoom issue you encounter, your first reflex should be to open the “Camera” Preferences of FreeFlight 6, and to check that the “Lossless zoom only” value is set on “NO”.


Finally, remember that “JPEG WIDE” and “DNG+JPEG” photo formats use all 21MP of ANAFI’s sensor, so zooming in these formats is always disabled, regardless of the camera settings.




FreeFlight 6 to Skycontroller 3 connection issues


Some users have reported cases where they could fly their ANAFI with their device, or with their Skycontroller 3, but not with both, as they could not seem to establish a connection between FreeFlight 6 and the Skycontroller 3. If this happens to you, try the following steps.


1.       Power ANAFI off, close your Skycontroller 3, disconnect it from your device.


2.       Reboot your device and disable its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections.


3.       Set up ANAFI for flight like you usually do but use a different cable: if FreeFlight 6 launches automatically as you connect your device to your Skycontroller 3, you will find that the connection between FreeFlight 6 and the Skycontroller 3 has been restored.


4.       If using a different cable fails, check your device’s profiles with regards to FreeFlight 6, as even a minor update on your phone’s operating system may have modified your profiles and app permissions.


5.       Uninstall and reinstall FreeFlight 6 – iPhone users: BEWARE, as uninstalling FreeFlight 6 will permanently delete any ANAFI media you have not backed up on a computer or device.


6.       If all else fails, try installing FreeFlight 6 on another device.

If you still cannot establish a connection between your device and your Skycontroller 3, contact Parrot Support, as your Skycontroller 3’s USB-A port may be damaged.

Update : 29/04/2019