How to prepare your ANAFI?

Do you have your ANAFI in your hands? It's time to prepare for your first flight! Here are some tips for preparing to fly your drone for the first time.



First of all, download the free FreeFlight 6 app from the App Store or Google Play. It allows you to easily change the settings of your ANAFI drone with your smartphone.


To fly your ANAFI, start by charging its battery: it's very simple, just connect the USB-C cable (supplied) to the battery and connect it to a power supply: a power outlet, using a USB-A adapter (not supplied); a portable battery; the USB port of a computer.


It is worth noting that the ANAFI battery can be charged even if it is already installed on the drone.


What's more, with ANAFI's smart battery, you can find out its charge level at any time: press the ON/OFF button and the battery's LEDs will give you a reading (4 LEDs: between 75 and 100% of charge; 3 LEDs: between 50 and 75% of charge; 2 LEDs: between 25 and 50% of charge; 1 LED: between 0 and 25% of charge: recharge the battery).


When you have charged the battery, fitting it is a breeze: put the three hooks under the battery into the slots in ANAFI's body and slide it until it "clicks" into position. Check that the battery is firmly secured to the drone: the press button associated with the locking system of the battery must be properly raised. If this is not the case, don't hesitate to repeat the process: press the push-button, disengage the battery and install it again by sliding it into the body of the drone: click!


To remove the battery, just press its push-button and slide it to the rear of the drone.


To switch on your ANAFI, press the ON/OFF button of the battery. Its four LEDs switch on one after the other, three times in succession, and stay lit, depending on the charge of the battery (4 LEDs: between 75 and 100%


of charge; 3 LEDs: between 50 and 75% of charge; 2 LEDs: between 25 and 50% of charge; 1 LED: between 0 and 25% of charge: recharge the battery). Then, the camera pod starts to move, rotates on its axes and, then, stops moving: ANAFI is ready to fly!


Do you want to connect ANAFI to your smartphone? Start by downloading the Freeflight 6 app. For the connection to work, follow these steps:

  1. Switch ANAFI on

  2. Conduct a search for available Wi-Fi networks on your smartphone: on your smartphone:

- For an iPhone, select Settings > wi-fi

- For an Android smartphone, select Settings > Wireless & networks > Wi-Fi

  1. Select the ANAFI-xxxx network

  2. Wait until your smartphone is connected to the Wi-Fi network of ANAFI.

  3. Open the FreeFlight 6 app: the connection between your smartphone and ANAFI is made automatically.


Replacing the propellers of ANAFI


The following illustrations show you how to replace the propellers of your ANAFI with the wrench provided. It's a breeze!








You have completed your pre-flight preparation! To learn how to fly with ANAFI, go to the page devoted to learning how to fly with your drone.


To protect your drone and fly with confidence, check the following elements before each flight:


Battery – Make sure the battery housing is intact and the connectors are clean.

If there seems to be a crack or hole in the housing or it appears to be swollen, do not use the battery and replace it by contacting the Parrot after-sales service.


Propellers – Make sure the propellers are not damaged. A damaged propeller can cause instability in flight and result in the drone falling and getting damaged.


Camera – Do not remove the lens cover until the last moment before the flight. Make sure the camera lens is always clean and intact: scratches on the lens can affect the quality of your photos and videos.


Drone body – Make sure the body of ANAFI is not weakened or damaged. Do not hesitate to clean the dust and particles that could accumulate, especially in motors, with a dry air spray cleaner.


Feet – Make sure that ANAFI's feet are intact and that their rubber reinforcements are in place.


If you notice something wrong with one of your accessories or your drone, contact the Parrot customer service.


Update : 19/06/2019