Flying best practices - ANAFI

Is your drone ready to fly? A number of checks must be made before take-off.


Flying ANAFI


  • Check the weather forecast: to fly your drone safely, choose a day when the wind is light and it is not raining.



  • Check that your smartphone, your Parrot Skycontroller 3 and your ANAFI have enough battery life for the duration of the flight.


  • Also check that your drone has enough memory to store the videos and photos you are planning to take during the flight: On the microSD card supplied with ANAFI, you can store an entire flight in 4K video, but not two complete flights! Consequently, we recommend that you save your content and empty the card after each flight.


Let's go for take-off! Here are some tips for ensuring a pleasant flight with ANAFI.


  • If you are a beginner, choose the "Film" flight speed. This will help you to familiarize yourself with the controls at a speed that is forgiving of any errors you might make!


  • Set yourself an objective:practice taking off, landing or capturing a particular shot, etc. Give yourself a specific goal that you will be proud to have accomplished!


  • To get some inspiration regarding potential photos or videos, do not hesitate to browse Google Maps and have a walk around the area: lakes, mountains, dunes, islands, etc.

Flying ANAFI




Everyone loves capturing great pictures and breathtaking videos with their drone! Feel free to read our suggestions to improve your results.


  • Practice flying your drone as smoothly as possible in order to shoot memorable photos and videos: if you can fly without causing vibrations, the final result will be perfect!


  • The framing is very important too: you will get better results by devoting special attention to this factor. Here's an important tip: do not hesitate to take advantage of ANAFI's adjustable pod to rotate its camera slightly towards the ground, in order to reduce the space occupied by the sky in the image.


  • Take advantage of the possibilities offered by ANAFI: do not hesitate to under-expose a photo or a video (EV - exposure value - negative) to highlight a sunset or overexpose your shot (EV value positive) to rectify an image with strong backlighting.



Many drone owners want to know more about flying their drone in cold weather. Here are some tips and suggestions if this should apply to you.


  • Charge your battery completely. This will ensure that it has a higher voltage. We recommend that the battery of your drone be charged to 100% in order to take-off. ANAFI's smart battery gives the battery charge level at all times, whether it is charging or not, when you press the ON/OFF button.

  • In cold weather, we recommend that you fly your drone particularly smoothly, without seeking to complete difficult maneuvers and sudden movements.

  • Plan for a shorter flight time to preserve your battery as much as possible.

  • Preheat your batteries or charge them for a few minutes before taking off.

  • Store your batteries in a warm place!



When flying your ANAFI make sure you comply with local regulations related to flying drones. Make sure you are not flying over aerial areas that prohibit the presence of drones. Also pay attention to flying over private land, to avoid disturbing the privacy of the owners. Finally, make sure you do not exceed the maximum flight height allowed in the flight area. To ensure you are complying with all existing regulations, consult the 4 types of scenario:

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Update : 15/05/2019