ANAFI USA: replacing propeller blades

Propeller blades are instrumental for flight integrity and delicate pieces of equipment. Even minor contacts with external elements (wall, tree branch, etc.) can invisibly damage their structure.


Therefore, Parrot recommends you immediately replace propeller blades which have sustained such a contact.


ANAFI USA propeller blades have been designed for instant, no-tool replacement.


To replace a propeller blade, follow this simple procedure.


  1. Unfold the arm that supports the blades which need to be replaced.
  2. Hold the motor (round, rotating part) of the propeller between your left thumb and index.
  3. Unfold the blades and pinch the part which screws on the motor, between the blades, with your right thumb and index.
  • A. Unscrew damaged A blades (left front & right back) counterclockwise and screw new ones clockwise.
  • B. Unscrew damaged B blades (right front & left back) clockwise and screw new ones counterclockwise.


Double check your blades respect the following diagram before setting up ANAFI USA for its next flight.

Update : 22/10/2020