Use examples Parrot Bluegrass

What are the uses of Parrot Bluegrass?


Parrot Bluegrass makes life simpler for farmers who need to analyze their crops. The data captured by the drone is processed to map the plot of land.


The farmer then has usable NDVI and zoning maps just a few hours after the flight. These maps provide an accurate survey of the entire plot of land so that an inventory of the health of the vegetation can be made.


Parrot Bluegrass provides solutions for the following:


  1. Infrastructure monitoring

  2. Livestock monitoring

  3. Land plot visualization

  4. Crop mapping and creation of NDVI maps


What types of crops can be analyzed?


Parrot Bluegrass provides NDVI data for all types of vegetation. The analysis is optimized for wheat, barley, maize, canola and for golf courses.

With a low altitude of flight, Parrot Bluegrass is the ideal monitoring solution for fruit crops such as strawberries, lemons, vines and grapes.

Update : 26/02/2019