Parrot's Sequoia+ sensor revolutionizes precision agriculture with an affordable solution that is easy to implement on any type of drone, to help farmers manage their farmland (irrigation level, fertilization, pesticides and fertilizers and yield estimates).


How to calibrate Parrot Sequoia+


Calibrating Parrot Sequoia+ is an important step. The multispectral sensor flashes purple when calibration is required.

1. Turn the drone on the X-axis until the indicator light of the multispectral sensor flashes green.

2. Turn the drone on the Y-axis until the indicator light of the multispectral sensor flashes cyan.

3. Turn the drone on the Z-axis until the indicator light of the multispectral sensor changes color.


> NB: Once the calibration is complete, the color of the multispectral sensor indicator light varies according to Parrot Sequoia+'s status. For example, if the memory of the multispectral sensor is full, the indicator light will flash yellow


How to use the memory of Parrot Sequoia+


If Parrot Sequoia+ detects an SD card, the shots are saved on this SD card. If no SD card is detected, Parrot Sequoia+ automatically saves the shots in the internal memory of the multispectral sensor.


What SD cards are compatible with Parrot Bluegrass?


For optimal operation, Parrot recommends using only the following SD cards:


- SD Card TS32GSDU3X 16 GB

- SD Card TS32GSDU3X 32 GB


What is the definition of the images captured by Parrot Sequoia+ ?



Each monochrome sensor has a 1.2 MP resolution in synchronized narrow-band. Each image is 1280x960 pixels. In addition, the RGB camera captures 16MP with a resolution of 4608x3456 pixels.


What is the ground resolution of the images taken by Parrot Sequoia+ ?


The resolution at ground level of the RGB sensor and the multispectral sensor depends on the flying height. Go to the table to work out the flying height according to the required resolution.


What are the spectral bands of the Parrot Sequoia+ cameras?


Parrot Sequoia+ is a multispectral camera consisting of four synchronized, narrow-band, 1.2 million-pixel monochrome sensors and an RGB camera.



  • Monochrome camera - Green

Wave length: 550nm

Bandwidth: 40nm

Definition: 1.2 MP



  • Monochrome camera - Red

Wave length: 660nm

Bandwidth: 40nm

Definition: 1.2 MP


  • Monochrome camera - Red-edge

Wave length: 735nm

Bandwidth: 10nm

Definition: 1.2 MP


  • Monochrome camera - Near infrared

Wave length: 790nm

Bandwidth: 40nm

Definition: 1.2 MP



  • Monochrome camera - RGB

Definition: 16 MP


How to obtain an optimal recovery rate


Generally, the recovery rate is about 80%.


What is the distance between two captures for optimal coverage?


The distance between two captures must take into account the speed of the drone and the height.

This calculation is simplified and automated thanks to the Pix4Dcapture tool. Simply set the required flying height and the application will optimize the captures taken by Parrot Sequoia+. The grouping rates will generally fluctuate between 70% and 80%.


What are the lighting specifications of Parrot Sequoia+?



Quickly flashing orange

Shutting down

Slowly flashing orange

Update in progress

Flashing blue

Enabling/disabling Wi-Fi



Solid red

Hardware malfunction

Flashing red

Corrupted memory. Repair in progress. When the repair is complete, the LED turns green again. This may take several seconds depending on the available space on your SD.

Flashing yellow

Full memory


Calibration of the magnetometer

Solid purple

The sensor must be stationary for 1 second.

Flashing purple

The sensor must be calibrated.

Flashing green

Calibration in progress (pitch)

Flashing cyan

Calibration in progress (roll)


Can Parrot Bluegrass's Parrot Sequoia+ be removed for use with another drone?


Parrot Bluegrass offers an integrated solution for farmers: when used with the Pix4Dcapture application, it is easy to use and completely autonomous.


Parrot Sequoia+ is fully integrated with this solution and its removal from Parrot Bluegrass would invalidate the product warranty. Therefore we do not recommend removing Parrot Sequoia+.


Can Parrot Bluegrass be sold without Parrot Sequoia+?


Parrot Bluegrass is a comprehensive solution and therefore cannot be sold without Parrot Sequoia+.

Update : 26/02/2019