Why is the 3D model distorted ?

The 3D model obtained in the Pix4D Cloud is a representation created using various points calculated from the photos taken by the drone. The sections of the object being modeled, which are not properly photographed, or which are photographed from too far away, will not be well represented in 3D.


What's more, the mathematical algorithms will sometimes by unable to recognize long, thin objects such as antennas, branches or reflective surfaces such as windows, pools and lakes.


In this case, you have several solutions are available to you:


  • When taking photos with your drone, make several flights around the site or above it so that the program can take as many 3D images as possible in order to perfectly replicate the site.


  • Fly your drone lower to improve the definition of the objects modeled in the photos. The more pixels you have in your photos, the better the quality of your 3D models. We recommend flying 5 or 10 meters above the subject.


  • Fly all the way around the building to get better photographs of the walls. Indeed, flying directly above the site all the time will not produce a good view of the walls because they are often hidden by the roofs.


  • Use the Pix4Dmodel program locally:  on a PC, you can access settings and tools that will help you improve the quality of your 3D model.


  • Reduce the camera angle in the menu settings. The default angle is 10° but you may be able to get better photos by adjusting it to 8° in some cases.

Update : 26/02/2019