How to execute several flights for one 3D map

Parrot Bebop Pro 3D Modeling


Performing multiple flights and missions to model a location allows you to extract more photos from the project and thus improve the final quality of your 3D models.


On sunny days, you must conduct these flights consecutively to avoid noticeable differences in the lighting of your images.


There are two ways to fly multiple missions to create a single 3D model:


  1. With the Pix4Dcapture app (recommended on Android)


NB: on iOS, Pix4Dcapture does not import joined missions into a single project, and you cannot process multiple cloud missions in a single 3D model. It is therefore better to use method number 2 for all those who use iOS.


  • Launch an initial flight by selecting your mission type (grid and circular): a project will automatically be created.


  • When the flight is over, open the project created from the List of Projects and the images taken by the drone can be viewed in Mission 1.


  • Select the + button to the right to create a second mission and select the mission type again (grid and circular)


You can create a circular mission after a grid mission and vice versa if you want to model a location within its environment, or you can create a second circular mission at a different altitude if you want to improve the finish of the modeling.



  • Start the second flight and when it has finished, the images of this new mission will be displayed in the Mission 2 folder of the same project.


  • At this point, you can conduct a third flight if needed, or you can delete and redo an existing mission.


  • When you are completely satisfied with your missions, you can send the images of your project to the Pix4D Cloud with your 3G/4G connection or via a Wi-Fi network by selecting Download Images. All the images of the missions will be sent for processing to create the 3D model.


  • Once the processing is finished, you will receive an email to inform you that the procedure is finished. The 3D model can then be viewed, used and shared from your Pix4D Cloud account.


2. With your Pix4DModel account (recommended for iOS)


  • Log in to your Pix4D Cloud account.


  • Make sure that Pix4Dmodel is selected (second row on the left)


  • Click + Upload new dataset


  • In the Upload new dataset window, enter the name and date of your project.


  • Add the images of the project to be processed to the Upload Image section. Select one or more images at a time. All the images must first be downloaded to your device (computer or tablet) that is used to identify you with your Pix4D account.


  • In the case of images taken with the Pix4DCapture app on iOS, the different missions are not grouped together under the same project. You must add them manually.


  • You can start processing downloaded images by clicking Start Processing automatically after all images are uploaded.


  • Alternatively, you can manually click Start Processing once your images have been uploaded for modeling.


  • With this process, the 3D model will be created using all the missions that have been completed and selected beforehand.


  • You will be sent an email once the image processing is finished. You will then be able to view, use and share your 3D data from your Pix4D Cloud account.

Update : 26/02/2019