House extension project

Thanks to the Parrot Bebop Pro 3D Modeling, you no longer have to climb onto the roof of your home to prepare your extension!



  • Maison des Travaux specializes in real estate renovations in France


  • There was a need for a means to save time when measuring homes for extension projects


  • Using Parrot Bebop Pro 3D Modeling, professionals can take extremely accurate measurements without having to climb onto the roof of a building, making this the safest and cheapest method ever.




Yanis Grenier, a real estate owner, wanted to build an extension of his house, but the L-shaped construction and patio made it was almost impossible to measure the roof and walls properly. He contacted Maison des Travaux that works with the Parrot Bebop Pro 3D Modeling drones to take the measurements and create the 3D models of his extension project.    


Parrot Bebop Pro 3D Modeling is a very attractive solution for home extensions, saving you time and money. You no longer have to climb onto the roof and in less than two hours, you can have your 3D model and your measurements.                    



Take external measures efficiently and safely


Maison des Travaux is a high-quality network of architects and construction industry professionals throughout France. They efficiently handle all types of renovations, extensions and construction work.


Using a drone saves time


Parrot Bebop Pro 3D Modeling is a very compact and lightweight drone that uses a program called Pix4D to produce excellent 3D models in just minutes.


Maison des Travaux used this 3D solution to take measurements of a property in less than 10 minutes.




No need to climb on the roof when you have a drone



Thanks to Parrot Bebop Pro 3D Modeling, it is possible to create a 3D model of an extension without having to climb on the roof. For the L-shaped house, the architect launched two three-minute flights to photograph the entire house.


The 3D model of the house was designed using the photos taken by the drone, which has the option to take measurements that are accurate to 10 centimeters. It is the ideal solution for starting an extension project and giving the owner of the real estate a quote.


The results of the 3D model can be accessed in the cloud and shared with partners or colleagues to estimate the cost and duration of the project.


It is also a great way of presenting the project directly to the owner, giving them a real simulation of the extension.

Parrot Bebop Pro 3D Modeling saves you time and money and is a much safer solution for real estate renovations.    

Update : 26/02/2019