Transporting your drone

Are you planning to transport your drone? There are several rules to be observed!

Follow our advice for traveling with your drone with peace of mind, whether it is on public transport, when hiking or by road or air!


Carrying your drone for a short trip with a specialized backpack


If you are making a short trip, a backpack for transporting drones may be sufficient. These bags, which have a rigid shell, are often waterproof and have convenient pockets for keeping accessories separate. Backpacks are comfortable, allow you to keep your hands free from any movements and are very well suited to outdoor activities.


A carrying case for a longer journey


Are you taking public transport? Traveling by air? In this case, opt for a transport case. This case is the best protection for your drone because it prevents not only shocks but also scratches.


Taking a plane with your drone


What better than a drone for capturing an idyllic vacation? Before you consider taking a plane with your drone, read our advice below.


First of all, it is preferable to take your drone with you in the cabin rather than in the hold. As we know, the luggage that ends up on the baggage carousel is more likely to be ill-treated than the luggage you keep with you. Be careful not to exceed the dimensions for cabin-approved luggage!


Depending on the energy of the battery (W/h) and whether the battery is connected to its device, it is possible to put them in the baggage hold and the cabin or only in the cabin:

  • battery connected to its electronic device (up to 160 watt-hours); authorized in the hold and in the cabin

  • battery only (up to 160 watt-hours): hold prohibited, travel only in cabin, up to 2 batteries per person

In all cases, the batteries must be packaged in packaging that can absorb predictable shocks and in a LiPo bag preferably.


Each airline has its own rules, so we recommend that you contact them before your departure so that your journey with your drone can be undertaken with confidence!

Update : 26/02/2019