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The Follow Me flight mode is a feature on the FreeFlight Pro app with multiple options to make flying and aerial photography even easier and more fun.

"Follow me" uses the visual recognition, GPS and barometer features of the piloting smartphone. The function has the following two modes:

  1. "Auto Follow": you are the subject.

    - Make the drone take off and leave it to hover in mid-air.

    - Using the visual interface, set the flying altitude, the distance from your location (5 meters minimum), the camera angle and set yourself as the subject to be followed.

    - Then lock the settings. After doing this, you will no longer need to handle your smartphone or have it with you. This means that you can walk, run or ride while the drone follows you.

    - With this feature, you stay at the heart of the action and your drone follows your every move.

How to adjust the drone's flight altitude in automatic mode on "Follow Me"

You do not need to operate anything. Indeed, your smartphone automatically activates the "Climb" mode that automatically adjusts the flight altitude of the drone and enhances the accuracy of the tracking.

How to regain control during an automatic "Follow Me" flight

Thanks to the over-piloting feature, you can retake the controls and readjust the flight altitude or distance from you as well as the camera angle at any time using your smartphone.

How to set a camera angle with the "Follow me" in automatic mode

The Perfect Side feature allows you to program a personalized camera angle with your BEBOP 2 FPV, regardless of the direction of your movement.

How to take footage using saved maneuvers and movements

The Magic Dronies feature puts you at the heart of the action with a new style of aerial selfies. The following modes are available:

Orbit mode: for flying the drone all the way around the target

Parabola mode: the drone performs a parabolic maneuver above you (it rises 10 meters above its starting altitude) keeping you in the center of the image

Boomerang mode: the drone makes a return trip covering a distance of 30 m, along the line of sight of the camera

Zenith mode: the drone moves forward and then rises to 15 m above its starting altitude and returns to its initial position, while keeping you in the center of the image.




2. Automatic framing

This mode, which is the second "Follow Me" function, relies on visual recognition algorithms and keeps the subject of the film in the center of the image at all times.

You fly the drone and, without having to operate any other controls, the camera angle of Bebop 2 FPV adjusts to keep the target perfectly framed.

While hovering, the camera angle is readjusted and Bebop 2 FPV rotates on its axis to follow the movements of the subject being filmed and maintains the framing.


Update : 26/02/2019